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February 25, 2010

Music Reco

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I have been listening to overwhelming amount of music from past few months. I am listing names of the best albums you might be interested in listening to –

English –
1. The Boy Who Knew Too Much – Mika
2. Where The Wild Things Are OST by Karen O and kids
3. Best Of Dave Mathew Band
4. Best Of Enya

Hindi –

(Not listing the popular ones here)
1. Sampooran, Saptak by Mekal Hasan Band – Gives me goosebumps each time I hear.
2. Gunkali by kaavish
3. Striker
4. Aman Ki Aasha


1. Just Maath Maathalli – Raghu Dixit
2. Eddelu Manjunatha – Anoop Seelin
3. Dildara – Praveen D Rao

Malayalam –

1. Thaalam – Mind blowing. Dn’t miss to listen.
2. Avial

Tamil –

1. Mundhinam Paartheney – Thaman
2. Vinnathandi Varuvaya – A R Rahamn
3. Goa – Yuvan Shankar Raja
4. Ilamai Idho Idho – Vidyasagar

Telugu –

1.Leader – Mickey J mayor
2. Village Lo Vinayakudu – Manikanth Kadri


Just Maath Maathalli

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Sudeep’s first movie as a director was My Autograph. It was lifted frame by frame from Cheran’s Tamil super hit Autograph. His second movie was #73 Shanti Nivasa. It was a Kannada version of Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Bawarchi. I was apprehensive about his 3rd film Just Math Mathalli, though I heard good words about the film. But here, he has gone for original story written by himself and the way he has executed it, has swept me off my feet.

The approach towards the story is very realistic. He almost breaks all the set rules of formalistic film making and surprises throughout. There is never a forced comedy scene or action scene. The whole film has been treated accordingly to the story and I assume that absolutely no compromises have been done just for pleasing the audience. I don’t think it’s possible without the support of the producer I guess. Sudeep must be really lucky to get a producer (Shankar) who would give such freedom. And moreover, the production value of the movie is top notch. It could have been easily the best crafted movie but I found many scenes were not focused correctly/blurry/dull. In many scenes, background was blurred intentionally in post production which I didn’t like. Talking about other negative points, 2nd half drags a little and some portions are predictable. But hell, the honesty and dedication with which Sudeep has made the film makes you forget all those things. (Notice the graphics of moving clouds in the scenes involving aeroplane). It takes guts to make movies with such sensibilities with hardly any mainstream elements prevailing in Kannada movies.
This movie has to work in the box office, as it will at least make some producers to put their money on story based cinema rather than star centric khichdi’s that we continue to churn out in Kannada film industry. (BTW, if I am not wrong, Sudeep has already signed a remake of Telugu film Kick 😦 ) Still, hats off to him for making this film like the way he has made it.

Sudeep, I am floored 🙂

PS: I am wondering if I have blabbered too much without knowing anything. But I am posting this anyway 🙂

December 29, 2009

Top Kannada Songs Of 2009

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I was inspired to write this post after reading Milliblog Annual Music Round-up. Let’s just jump into my list –

Best Albums of 2009

09. Bisile (Gagan-Hari)

Almost all songs are very catchy in this one. But the major problem I found in this album is that all interesting tunes remains the same after first one minute. It’s like first minute of the song in loop for the remaining 4 minutes. But if you can excuse that, you will love the soundtrack.

08. Kaaranji (Veer Samarth)

In a rock band based movie, you can expect a lot from music. This album fails in doing complete justice to that mainly because of the choice of singers in my opinion. Otherwise, this is an unconventional album with songs from varied genre’s and makes a good listen.

07. Manasare (Mano Murthy)

When I heard it for the first time, it didn’t work for me at all. But with time, I started liking it and now it’s here at 5th position. May be this liking is more due to the movie itself.

06. Dildara (Praveen D Rao)

This is an excellent album which I don’t think is being given any publicity. Main thing that attracts in the songs of this album is it’s orchestration. It’s imaginative and brilliantly done. Arrangement of songs are rare to hear in Kannada movie songs.

05. Birugali (Arjun)

Hoovina Bandante and Madhura Pisumatige composed by Arjun for this album topped the charts for weeks and brought him well deserved recognition. Out of all fast tracks that have come out this year, Helbide Helbide from this album is what I love the most.

04. 35/100 (Pranava N Iyengar)

Even though some engineering students might have heard “Noorake Moovattaide Saaku” song, this soundtrack, I believe is largely unheard. Delayed release of movie might be the reason for this (Movie looks promising in the promo). Pranava N Iyengar has given some breezy songs with very classy arrangements.It’s a must hear album.

03. Neene Bari Neene (Mano Murthy)

This Sonu Nigam’s non-filmy album is a delight to listen to. Mano Murthy’s melodies combined with excellent lyrics by Jayanth Kaikini makes this one memorable. With six songs out of nine being pure gems, this was easily one of the best album of the year.

02. Eddelu Manjunatha (Anoop Seelin)

Guruprasad’s lyrics is the highlight of this album. They are intelligent, innovative and catchy. Music here is light and simple. Great job by composer Anoop Seelin.

01. Just Math Mathalli (Raghu Dixit)

Raghu dixit weaves his magic here again after the successful Psycho. I don’t know if there are any other album in Kannada which has the depth of BGM that this one has. With each song being highly entertaining and energetic, this completely deserves the title of best album of the year.

Best songs of 2009

I have taken liberty of chosen only one song from each album even when there are songs from the same album that could be added in the list.

18. Neenendare – Junglee (V. Harikrishna)
17. Maleyali Jotheyali(Male Version) – Maleyali Jotheyali (V. Harikrishna)
16. Thanthane Thanamthane -Josh (Vardhan)
15. Paro – Raj-The Showman (V. Harikrishna)
14. Nenape – Nam Areal Ond Dina (Arjun)
13. Ee Dina Hosatagide – Kaaranji (Veer Samarth)
12. Ninna Naanu Nodovaregu – Jugari (Arjun A P)
11. Naa Naguva Modalene – Manasare (Mano Murthy)
10. Doora Swalpa Doora(Male Version) – Devru (Sadhu Kokila)
09. Bhoomi Ee Baanu (Female Version)- Dildara (Praveen D. Rao)
08. Doni – 35/100 (Pranava N Iyengar)
07. Kshamisu – Eddelu Manjunatha (Anup Seelin)
06. Mussanje Manjalli – Just Math Mathalli (Raghu Dixit)
05. Aakasha Neene – Ambari (V. Harikrishna)
04. Hoovina Banadante – Birugali (Arjun)
03. Aaramagi – Gokula (Mano Murthy)
02. Baa Nodu Gelathi – Neene Bari Neene (Mano Murthy)
01. Ale Ale – Savari (Manikanth Kadri)

When I heard Bisiyada Suddiyonda song from Police Quarters, I fell in love with it immediately. But it was disappointed to know that songs of Kaavalar Kudiyiruppu have been used again in this album too.

Similarly the song Ninnanda Kanadagi song from the movie Bisile is an excellent track which should have made it to the list of top songs. But it seems like some song that I have heard before. So, I have kept it off the list.

You can listen to all the songs mentioned above at kannadaaudio.com

I might have missed some better songs since I have not heard all the albums that have been released this year. so, please feel free to tell your favorite albums/songs in the comments section.

December 26, 2009


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Combined ‘fanboy’ views of my friend Rajeev and myself. Parts of the post marked with ** written by by Rajeev.
Read on

I have been waiting for watching this creation of James Cameron ever since I heard about its making and this “game changer technology” he was creating exclusively for this movie. Expectations sky rocketed once I saw the first trailer. Finally when it arrived in 3D at Bangalore, I couldn’t wait to watch it.
But on Thursday itself, saw some tweeters complaining about the visuals being dull and colorless at some theaters. So, I wanted to make sure to get the theater right, where we will get to feel all the visuals properly. After inquiring with few people who have had seen the movie in Fame Lido and Urvashi ( didn’t ask about Inox, PVR-Gold Class, Fun Cinema) it was confirmed that movie is looking nice there.
Then I booked the 3 ticket in Urvashi for 2 o’clock on 24th December in balcony from www.urvashicinema.com since seats were already booked at Fame . It was 120Rs for a ticket and non-refundable 100Rs for 3D glasses plus 16Rs tax (It’s 150+100 if you get the ticket’s from the theater itself!!). Popcorn and coke was free for this price which you will forget to eat while watching the movie.

* My first 3D experience started with a nice trailer of an animated 3D film How to Train Your Dragon by DreamWorks SKG set to release in 2010. By the time I was relishing the first ever 3D experience by removing the 3D glass and putting it back, the Fox Searchlight went over my face and I was Entering The World AVATAR.

The movie kicked off with two tiny blurry water drops combining to form a clear one about 2 feet above Jack Sully’s face. Some army men, some unheard dialogues and the glorious Pandora unveils itself in front of you with high tech, headless, man controlled robots and gigantic war machines. Then the greenery, the Pandora monkeys, viperwolves (wild dogs), dinosaur alikes, distinct yet splendid flora… what not??!! There is everything you can imagine in your wildest dream and much more with uttermost detail till the last pixel of every frame.
The movie felt little blurry in the beginning in few chasing and fast moving frames, but once you get accustomed there is no looking back. We didn’t even have a spare second to discuss about the past part of the movie. Although the 3D isn’t in your face, you still feel like the first person watching the ongoings sitting in Pandora helplessly as you can’t take part in the visual riot.
The movie starts with the peak pace of any good Hollywood adventurous thriller and accelerates from there beyond our beliefs never slowing down till they start showing the end credits. It’s hard to believe our eyes while watching Pandora at night, while our hero tames the Banshee (dragons), when he jumps off a waterfall, his training session with Neytiri, the Armageddon and many more scenes. If the first one and half hours or so is breathtaking, in the last forty minutes or so you even forget to breathe. That is the surreal magic created by Cameron.
You wonder how they could create a whole new Real-looking spectacular planet on a computer. Since it is not an animated feature the makers don’t have it easy as everything should look real. But to our astonishment it scores 20 out of 10 in this perspective. Albeit the fact that acting, background score, story, some heard dialogues are good, the visuals overshadow everything 10 times on a scale of 1. In the end you will just be begging for superlatives.

It easily is the greatest cinematic achievement since the invention of camera and it goes beyond your imaginations. The movie is definitely THE best cinema watching experience I have ever had in my life till now. But I would like to caution about Urvashi theater. Visuals were not bad at all. But sound was largely unclear. We could feel the energy in background score but alas, dialogues were inaudible at many portions of the movie which in turn left us with few doubts regarding the story. Since there are minimal dialogues, we had to console ourselves with that. The biggest problem was the seating arrangement, which is extremely congested and very uncomfortable. I would suggest you to stay off Urvashi if you want better movie watching experience and try Fame Lido. By what I have gathered, visuals are good there and audio definitely should be better than Urvashi, so should be the seating arrangement. And more over, they refund the money that you are paying for the glasses.
Another suggestion for good 3D experience would be to take seat in front most row if you don’t want the people’s head to act as obstruction.

P.S: Watch it only in 3D. If possible, at IMAX 🙂

September 15, 2009

6 Reasons Why You Should Get An Aircel Connection in Bangalore

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1. Privacy – If you are inside a building, there is no need to switch off the cellphone or to keep it in silent mode when you don’t want to receive any calls or even messages. Aircel knows your requirements very well. It doesn’t provide network coverage indoors. Since it is a mobile network provider, coverage is available only when you are on the move.

2. Break while in the middle – If you feel tired when you are on a call for long time, Aircel has the solution. The calls will be getting disconnected at regular intervals by default. You just have to move around a bit.

3. “Missed call” informer – They are very prompt in giving this information. You will get plenty of “You have a missed call from me” messages. And they never complained about having it sent many times a day.

4. Patience – If you are a very impatient person, by using Aircel continuously for 3 months can make you a different person. Aircel makes you keep sending the same messages again and again till it finally gets delivered. And also, waiting for reply also helps a great deal in improving patience.

5. Companion – To have Aircel is better than having a girlfriend. You will get calls and numerous messages each day without a miss and they don’t expect you to call back. They also send messages in the nature, similar to Facebook applications like ” Are you alone ?”, “Get to know your partner’s name” etc. Who else will be so generous like this? So, if you are a lonely person, you can’t get better companion other than Aircel.

6. Special symbols – This is a really special feature that Aircel has. It replaces the final character of the message with a weird symbol which helps in increasing the beauty of the message. This applies to the message both sent and received. If you have sent a phone number, last digit is replaced by a symbol. And sometimes, if someone has sent you the message which is very long, bits of the previous messages sent by the same person gets mixed with it. That infuses fun into the message and makes you think at the same time! This turned out to be my mobile set’s fault !!

So, even if 4 more new network providers are entering the state by the end of this year, I am sure that Aircel will still be able to do better because of the above mentioned, amazing qualities.


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