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March 23, 2009

How to Lose Friends & Alienate People

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Disclaimer: This is not about the movie titled same as above which released recently. This is only about my tragic story of losing two cellphones in a period of two weeks.
And the main aim of this post is to get sympathy/justify myself over losing the cellphones constantly 😦 🙂

Its, 2nd month into final semester of my engineering course and everything was going well till last two weeks. Lots of free time, total freedom in class, movies in theater on first day, cultural programs for free, roaming throughout the city ,deciding to do project ourselves, hitting the gym to name a few..

The trouble started when one day, my cell wont switch on all of a sudden. It was dead. That weekend, I went to s.p road and had taken the cell along thinking that I will take it for servicing from there. But, I didn’t. The cell was in bag. But when when I checked my bag the next day, it had performed Houdini trick to escape from there 😦
Fortunately, I had taken the SIM out, thereby not resulting in loss of contacts.
I borrowed my aunt’s cellphone since she hardly uses it and started using it, thinking to return it as soon as I get the new one. Each time I returned home with cell inside my pocket, I used be so relieved. (I can’t imagine how people live in Mumbai/Kashmir where losing life itself is such a common thing).
But then, TRAGEDY stroke again yesterday 😦
I was going to my sister’s house along with my aunt and cousin using daily pass facility of BMTC buses. I boarded a bus at east end circle,jayanagar. The bus was not crowded at all.. No one was standing in the bus except for near door.. There were some 6-7 guys standing there. As soon as I boarded the bus, I was not given the space to enter into it. I was being pushed around by them and was also asked to go inside by the same “gentlemen”. I was totally pissed at that time. Then, I somehow managed to get inside . As soon as I got inside, I checked my pockets and POOF, my cell was GONE 😦
No one had left the bus yet . But fortunately for those “gentlemen”, next stop had come in a moment just after I cried for help. Me and my cousin got down and tried to call but cell was already switched off. I saw some suspicious men out of who got down but I was totally helpless. Even with the thief’s being present in front of me, I couldn’t do a thing.

Now, losing the two cellphones in the period of two weeks, who can I blame it on ? I have no answer for that. I can only wish that same thing doesn’t occur to me again. ( I am going for minimum priced second hand B/W set this time. Help me find it if possible 🙂 )

I am going to give some advice on how you could prevent this. I am not using them anyway 🙂

1. You should keep the cell in your shirt pocket.
2. Use a belt to hang it.

Share your experiences of similar incidents if you have time and give some tips on it..



  1. Damn man! I know i swore not to use that but this scenario deserves it….. I got a solution for you….. Consult an astrologer n ask him whether you should use a phone if so then which handset you should buy, which color it should be, and also ask if it is some dosha of the sim n whether performing some yagna will help you… 🙂

    Comment by chrnth — March 23, 2009 @ 5:02 pm

  2. If I believed in an astrologer, I would have done that long ago I guess. But still,total 3 cells down to drainage,I think I should consult someone for sure 😦

    Comment by padaru — March 23, 2009 @ 5:10 pm

  3. the fact tat a stranger can get into ur pants without u knowing it says a lot about u…

    akka pakka iro hudugirna nodudu bittu bus alli nettage ninthko

    mostly haale janmada papa ira beku…nanna cellphonege 1000 currency haku yella sari hogutte

    Comment by deepak — March 24, 2009 @ 1:27 pm

  4. machi buy little bigger phone ;). You can catch the thief easily.. But be careful about VTU squad.. :p

    Comment by shreekanth chowta — April 1, 2009 @ 5:00 pm

  5. […] I get on to the BMTC bus numbered 502 which goes directly to my college and which I never get from my stop. Got a seat too! Thought this was my lucky day. I’ve heard ppl say traveling in city buses burns a hole in your pocket if you don’t have a pass. Today I realized it is all about being sharp. The bus was quite full by Nayandahalli which 2 stops from college but not full enough considering it was peak time. One guy was standing on the last step, one on the second and all others were off the steps and inside, so you can imagine the fullness. I was  not bothered as I was reading for the test and periodically checking my hair in the reflection off my cell. Got a new hairstyle you see….. Anyways, I pack up and get off my seat and try to get to the door when the bus was one stop away. The two guys on the steps looked at me and came up the steps making way for me which I thought was quite thoughtful of them. Then suddenly I realized I was being ambushed between 3 guys. Those 2 in front of me blocking the steps pushing me back in and another behind me pushing towards them. Thanks to Sharath, my dear friend, I knew in an instant what was happening. It was a team of pickpockets trying to pick my cell. I saw the cell slowly being lifted from my back pocket by the professional hands of the guy who was pushing me. I immediately caught hold of my cell but missed the guy’s hand. Then I got down in my stop, started shouting at the guy who also got down n we had a heated argument in which he was of course using all the “samskruta” he knew and I in my usual style using strong words. then I realized if he could understand my words he wouldn’t have been a pickpocket and hence I left disgruntled and he went thanking all gods that he didn’t get a public beating. I regret that I missed his hand but I’m glad that I didn’t miss the phone. Punishment or not he would have got back to doing the same thing but I wouldn’t have got my precious cell back. It is a Sony Ericsson W910i, for those who didn’t know, which I bought with my own hard-earned money during my internship at Microsoft. My friend Sharath who I mentioned above is the reason that it was saved cos he told me exactly how he lost his cell, picked in a similar fashion. Thank you Sharath!! For those who are curious about the title, you can read the first part here. […]

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